IELTS Testimonials

Padraic is an amazing teacher! I needed an IELTS teacher and I found Padraic 3 weeks before my official exam. I needed a band of 6.5 and I got it! He had excellent classes preparation and he was very organized. He was different from other teachers because he was fully prepared for each lesson and you received feedback after the class. Some lessons were demanding but at the same time Padraic was friendly and approachable. I was surprised by the deep knowledge and passion he demonstrated for their subject matter. I think that if you really want to learn English seriously and to invest your money in valuable classes, you’ll definitely have to reserve classes with Padraic!  Thanks a lot for your patience and motivation, Padraic!

Ximena, Peru

I just wanted to thank you for helping me improve my speaking skills significantly. I got 6 band in Speaking!  I think that I started from ZERO in speaking. I am happy about it now. You are really great teacher. I really enjoyed all of the lessons. You have individual approach for every student and you are always prepared interesting and useful materials for lessons with me. I am very happy that I found you and took your lessons!

Marina, Russia

I strongly recommend Padraic as an english tutor. He helped me to get the score that I needed in IELTS! Thanks again for your support.

Gloria Yu, Taiwan

I took part in the 10 week academic IELTS evening preparation course. Padraic, my teacher was very good and the preparation material as well. I would say if you want to improve your score with 1-1,5 grades and want to be confident and learn English, this course is for you! I was working hard during the course and I reached overall 6.5. I recommend Padraic to anyone who wants to achieve high score in IELTS!

Nacy Lee, Taiwan

IELTS preparation with PJC English course is one of the best I ever joined. I like the way and the strategy Padraic teach the parts of the IELTS test. Initially, I didn’t know an efficient way for my time management and advanced structure for Speaking and Writing parts. However, when I joined the course, Padraic instructed me with tips and tricks and what to do on the exam for achieving my target score. As a result, I was able to improve my overall score from band 6.0 to 7.0. I wish I had more time to practice then my score would be definitely higher. Highly recommended the course, Padraic is a great teacher.

Pavel, Russia

Hey Padraic. Hope you are well. I am writing to thank you for your time and expertise in helping me with the IELTS, especially with the speaking section. I am pleased with the results obtained: L: 8.5, R: 9.0, W: 8.5, S: 8.5, and would be happy to recommend friends who are interested in the IELTS but are unsure of what to expect to approach you!

Dan, Singapore

Conversation / Business Testimonials

After having classes with Padraic for nearly one year, my speaking has been progressively improved…I can use more formal business English at my work and I can handle my work better, which is largely attributable to Padraic’s classes. From bottom of my heart, I think it would be a great loss for you if missing out Padraic’s class. As you can’t find such a professional English teacher who knows how to customize class materials that suit you.

Ilion, Interpreter, China

I can positively say the class of Mr. Padraic made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. And he always makes sure every class is fun, educational and interactive.


His lesson is appropriate for all levels and gives me an opportunity to express. His lessons helped me get my current job where the interview was in English. I decide to get a master’s degree and I will prepare for the IELTS with him.


Padraic does teach me something beyond learning English—it’s your attitude that counts.


I was taking business English classes from Padraic for several months and the experience was magnificent. During that time Padraic was very patient with me and I improved a lot in pronunciation, because he helped me reduce my accent. I learned new vocabulary, practicing grammar concepts at the same time.

Also, he always got involved by sending me external news links or videos to continue practicing English. Without any doubt, I highly recommend Padraic as an English teacher.

Sergio, Spain.

He pushes his students to speak during the class and expects to answer questions with long sentences. I think this is one of the best ways for students like me whose native language is not English. He’s lots of fun as well, you never get bored and can’t understand how time flies during the class.

Cansu, Turkey

Padraic taught me not only grammars but also how to speak naturally. Like, how native speakers speak in their countries, and not sounding awkward. It was really helpful for me and I really liked it because I thought it was one of the most important parts when you actually go abroad and talk to locals. Also, when I asked some questions and didn’t understand well, he was willing to send me an email to explain more about it. I never expected it from a teacher but it was very nice of him.

Jihyeon, Hotelier, South Korea

Padraic is the best teacher I’ve ever met. His relaxing and detailed teach does make me improve my English skill!!

Kanazhi, Taiwan

Padraic is a great teacher, professional but at the same time friendly and communicative. After the first lesson with him, he made me feel relaxed while speaking in English. He understands what you need and structures lesson according to it. After every class, he sends a document on your error and how to correct it. I think it is a useful method for improving your fluency in English.

Ibrahim Erturk, Turkey

Padraic is a real professional, his lessons are useful and he always makes the review of all mistakes after the lesson. It helps to improve your level.

Natalia, Belarus

I truly recommend Padraic if you are looking for classes for improving your level of English. I’m attending conversation classes with him and I’m gaining confidence and vocabulary.

Laura, Spain

Padraic is a excellent teacher. I noticed a quick evolution studying with him. He has excellent materials and I really enjoyed his methodology. In addition, he is able to talk about any subject, making the classes light and interesting.

Cesar, Brazil

I improved my English skills and abilities by him while I was his student. And I got a chance for internship. He has really strong passion for us and he is willing to give you guys all of him. I’m so happy to recommend this for you all. Don’t be shy.

Hyeonsong, Korea